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About Me and

My wife and I have been traveling across the U.S. and Canada for the last few years in our small travel trailer...a Casita. From the beginning there was a lot to learn, and a lot of places to discover. As we traveled, I started making notes and decided to try and pass them along to fellow travelers. Unlike many other blogs and websites you find, everything here is written by me, based upon our own personal experience.

Look things over and I'm sure you'll find things of interest. In addition to the articles on campgrounds, trailers and RVs, be sure to checkout the rest of my website. It contains a ton of information including a Beginner's Guide for small travel trailers (most of it also applies to larger rigs), as well as my most popular section...our Campground Reviews. Here we've documented and rated the items that are the most important to us as we travel. Each review has a lot of photos, most of them including pictures of the bathhouse.

If you'd like to learn more about me, be sure to visit my About Us page.

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