Your Own Small Travel Trailer

Buying and Owning a Small Travel Trailer

If you've never owned and traveled with one before, you may feel overwhelmed at all there is to learn.  But don't worry, thousands of people jump in every year!  You will find that it's easy, fun and quite affordable when compared with other means of traveling.

This section of my website is all about the trailer itself.  It covers everything from buying a small travel trailer to taking care of it.  The main pages are (accessed from the menu above)...

  • Choosing a Small Travel Trailer
    Things to consider as you decide on the model you want to own.
  • Buying a Small Travel Trailer
    How to go about making your purchase.
  • Owning a Small Travel Trailer
    What you need to think about if you are going to be an owner.
  • Maintaining a Small Travel Trailer
    How to take care of your prized possession.
  • Making it Your Own
    Some ideas to personalize your trailer and make it stand out from the crowd.

Our Little Trailer has
Everything the Big Ones Have
...accept all the space!

So why not a Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, or larger trailer?

I'm not saying that something small is for everyone. In fact, the larger recreational vehicles have some real advantages. Unfortunately, they have disadvantages too.

You have to decide your priorities and what's important to you. Keeping it small and simple has been perfect for us. So to help you, here are some of our key considerations.

Reasons to Consider a Small Travel Trailer

  • Easy to Store
    We store ours beside our garage. Keeping it at home like this makes it much easier to get ready for travel, cleanup afterwards, and perform maintenance. It's also just nice to be able to check on it whenever we want to. Of course the cost savings of not having to pay for storage is a plus too!
    Small travel trailer stored at home
  • Easy to Tow
    We tow ours with a 6 cylinder Toyota Tacoma. With it, we have no problems getting up hills or getting blown around by big trucks on the highway. It's also very easy to turn, pull into gas stations and pull into other parking lots along the way.
  • Easy to Park
    Being small makes it very easy to back into a campsite. (Once you get used to backing up that is!) You will often see people struggling to get their big rigs into a campsite.
  • Easy to Come and Go at the Campground
    It's easy to disconnect once we get it parked at the campground. After that, we can use our tow vehicle for getting around town and for day trips. Not surprisingly, this is a big challenge with a motorhome. As a result, the common solution is to tow another vehicle behind the RV for their entire trip.
  • Less to Maintain and Clean
    There are less things to break and less to take care of. Also, it's pretty quick and easy to clean once we get back home.
  • More Affordable
    It's less expensive to buy and maintain. You will use less gas when you travel. And at the end, you'll lose less value to depreciation.
  • Help's You Enjoy The Outdoors More
    So I don't really know if this is true or not and you may not see this as an advantage, but it seems that when we are camping the people with small travel trailers are spending more of their time outside. People with big rigs seem to be relaxing inside, frequently watching their big screen TVs. (Obviously there's no place for a big screen in ours!)