Data for New Website -

Step 1 - Add all photos to the media library

Edit each photo to add alternative text, caption & description
(ex. - Campsite)

Step 2 - Add location to Maps plugin

A - Duplicate Existing Map

       - Edit Title: Campground--
                  EXISTING Marker Title:
                  EXISTING Marker Address: ,
       - Save Marker and Save Map
       - Take note of ID

B - Add Marker to Master Map

       - Title:
       - Address: ,
       - Select image from Gallery
       - Link URL:
       - Reposition map and Save

Step 3 - Add New Post

A - From basic Wordpress Screen, edit the following

       Title: Alberta-
       Categories: Campground Reviews
       Tags: Campgrounds Reviews: Alberta
       Featured Image
       Excerpt: (shorten to 4 or 5 lines in box, followed by...)                  


       Yoast-Snippet-SEO title: in , - Our Personal Review
       Yoast-Snippet-Slug: (match old site)
       Yoast-Snippet-Meta description:                  

Our personal campground review of in , . Helpful information and photos, as well as our own ratings and comments.

B - Edit Post with Elementor

       Add template (in widget area): Campground Review-Content
       Top of Page    Overall Rating:      Price: (1)     Disc:
       General Comments
            State:    Rgn:    Highway:    Area :
            , ,

       Photos   As per above
       Sitemap   As per above
            Park Type: (Not Assigned)
            Water Hookup: (No Info)   Electric Hookup: (No Info)   Sewer Hookup: (No Info)
            Dump Station: (No Info)   Camp Fires: (No Info)
       Our Review
            Overall: (Not Rated)
            Atmosphere: (Not Rated)
            Secure: (Not Rated)
            -- Facilities --
                 Bath: (Not Rated)
                            (Not Rated)
                 Laundry: (Not Rated)
            -- Campsite --
                 Size: (Not Rated)
                 Level: (Not Rated)
                 Privacy: (Not Rated)
                 Shade: (Not Rated)
                 TV: (Not Rated)
       Contact Info
            Phone: <a href="tel:()"></a>
            Add map ID

C - From Post Quick Edit Screen

       Edit date to force proper positioning in sort. Choose month & year based upon State List below.
       Assign day to fit in order between any other existing campgrounds in the same state.
AB 12-Dec dd 2014
AL 11-Nov dd 2014
AK 10-Oct dd 2014
AR 09-Sep dd 2014
AZ 08-Aug dd 2014
BC 07-Jul dd 2014
CA 06-Jun dd 2014
CO 05-May dd 2014
CT 04-Apr dd 2014
DE 03-Mar dd 2014
FL 02-Feb dd 2014
GA 01-Jan dd 2014
IA 12-Dec dd 2013
ID 11-Nov dd 2013
IL 10-Oct dd 2013
IN 09-Sep dd 2013
KS 08-Aug dd 2013
KY 07-Jul dd 2013
LA 06-Jun dd 2013
MA 05-May dd 2013
MB 04-Apr dd 2013
MD 03-Mar dd 2013
ME 02-Feb dd 2013
MI 01-Jan dd 2013
MN 12-Dec dd 2012
MO 11-Nov dd 2012
MS 10-Oct dd 2012
MT 09-Sep dd 2012
NB 08-Aug dd 2012
NC 07-Jul dd 2012
ND 06-Jun dd 2012
NE 05-May dd 2012
NH 04-Apr dd 2012
NJ 03-Mar dd 2012
NL 02-Feb dd 2012
NM 01-Jan dd 2012
NS 12-Dec dd 2011
NT 11-Nov dd 2011
NV 10-Oct dd 2011
NY 09-Sep dd 2011
OH 08-Aug dd 2011
OK 07-Jul dd 2011
ON 06-Jun dd 2011
OR 05-May dd 2011
PA 04-Apr dd 2011
PE 03-Mar dd 2011
QC 02-Feb dd 2011
RI 01-Jan dd 2011
SC 12-Dec dd 2010
SD 11-Nov dd 2010
TN 10-Oct dd 2010
TX 09-Sep dd 2010
UT 08-Aug dd 2010
VA 07-Jul dd 2010
VT 06-Jun dd 2010
WA 05-May dd 2010
WI 04-Apr dd 2010
WV 03-Mar dd 2010
WY 02-Feb dd 2010
YT 01-Jan dd 2010