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Inside Your Trailer

Toilet Master Blaster

...if you have a bathroom

★★★★ You SHOULD HAVE this

If you have a toilet you have a black water tank. This is what we use to clean it out. It attaches to a hose that we put through our bathroom window, than stick the wand down into the toilet and spray the heck out of the tank. It really blasts the water in the tank to loosen anything that wants to stick. The wand also has a valve on the handle to conveniently turn the water on and off and adjust the pressure.

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! (It's not really dirty, just nasty to think about.) This makes it pretty easy!


Space Heater

Small, Quiet and Powerful

★★★ You MIGHT NEED this
We have an A/C unit in our trailer that puts out heat when needed, but it's loud. This little unit has put out enough heat to keep us warm at night when there was a bit of snow on the ground outside. It's small enough (only 5"x6"x8") to fit in one of our overhead storage bays above the bed. It has a thermostat to control the level of heat desired.


Flat Screen TV Mount

For small TV

★★★ You MIGHT NEED this

When our Casita was made, most small TVs were still put on a shelf. After a few trips, we decided we wanted to mount a small flat screen TV under our storage cabinet above the bed. This was the mount I selected. It was pretty inexpensive yet good quality. It comes apart making it easy to mount, but is very heavy duty once installed. The TV tilts up and down, and swivels side to side, allowing us to adjust the viewing angle for either watching in bed or from other areas within our trailer.

NOTE: Having covered over 20,000 miles since I installed this, I have to say that it's done a great job. It has handled all the vibration well, and let us easily adjust the TV for viewing at our table or in bed. It was much better than the shelf we used to sit the TV on.


Wall File

★★ This comes in HANDY

There's not a lot of table top and counter space in our small trailer. We were constantly moving the stack of paper (park brochures, notes, magazines, etc.) we'd accumulate from our table, to the stove cover, to the bed and back. I drilled a couple of holes in a dividing wall beside the table and mounted this file. It's great, and now our stack stays smaller-we throw more out!


Product Categories
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