Beginner's Guide to Small Travel Trailers

Learn how to...
  • Choose a small travel trailer
  • Prepare your tow vehicle
  • Find a great campground
  • Setup when you get there
...and much, much more!

Welcome to my Beginner's Guide to Small Travel Trailers

Let me share what I've learned about Small Travel Trailers

Denny - Sharing info about Small Travel Trailers

Hi! My name is Denny Johnson. My wife and I live in Orlando and have traveled a lot since purchasing our small travel trailer in 2014.  Our trips have included travels from Florida to Washington State, into Canada, to Michigan, and to New England.  In other words, we spanned the United States from coast to coast.  In the beginning, there was a lot to learn.  But as we've traveled, the learning has actually never stopped.
This Beginner's Guide to Small Travel Trailers is all about the things we've learned and experienced while buying, owning and traveling with our 17' Casita, as well as with our old Coleman Pop-up years ago.  Everything here is based upon our own personal experience.  I've tried to compile all the important (and a lot of the less important) things we've learned right here in one place.  I hope it will save you time searching all over the Internet for the information you need.

About Your Trailer

Your Own Small Travel Trailer

Reasons why you might want to consider a small travel trailer

Choosing a Small Travel Trailer

Things to think about when shopping for a small travel trailer

Buying a Small Travel Trailer

Thoughts to get you ready to go shopping!

Owning a Small Travel Trailer

Before you buy, you need to plan on where you'll keep it

Maintaining and Storing a Small Travel Trailer

Taking care of your trailer once you have it

Making it Your Own

A few ideas to get you thinking about personalizing your new Small Travel Trailer

About Traveling

Traveling with your Small Travel Trailer

So how difficult is it going to be?

The Tow Vehicle for your Travel Trailer

All about the vehicle you will use to tow your trailer, and getting it set up

Planning Trips with your RV or Travel Trailer

How we go about planning our trips - the routes and where to stay

Getting Ready - Final Steps Before Heading Out

Making sure you have everything ready to go before you leave home

On the Road - Towing a Small Travel Trailer

Making sure you have a great day on the road

At the Campground - Setting up a Small Travel Trailer

How to pull into a campground, pick your spot, and get everything set up

Leaving the Campground - Getting Ready Again!

Preparing to hit the road again

After You Get Back Home

Things to address when your trip is complete

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Beginner's Guide to Small Travel Trailers
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