Christmas Decorating for People Who Love Camping

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We will not be spending Christmas in our small travel trailer!

We love the holidays, and we love camping in our small travel trailer. Unfortunately (well actually "fortunately") for us, our holidays are spent at home with our family. We always enjoy getting ready and decorating our home and having the sights and sounds of Christmas all around us. To remind us of our passion for getting away during other parts of the year, we try to find at least some small way to bring camping into the season.

You may already have your own decorations and established traditions, but here are a few thoughts that may give you some new ideas!

Decorating your trailer or RV

We always buy extra strings of white twinkle lights when they go on sale after Christmas. We string them up all year long in our campsites to give us low-level light at night throughout our space. Without spending another penny, these lights can be redeployed during the holidays to decorate your RV and things around it. This is a no-brainer if you will be camping during the holidays. But even if you are not, this may still be an option if you keep your RV at home. Our trailer is small enough that we keep it parked beside the garage where it is clearly visible from the street. Decorating it can become an extension of the decorations of our home.

Decorating a small travel trailer with  for Christmas

Decorating a small travel trailer for Christmas

Visit a Local Campground or RV Park

You will typically find that a lot of the people in campgrounds and RV Parks decorate for Christmas. This is particularly common in parks where they have long-term and/or seasonal campers. Now I'm not suggesting you visit the places with a lot of run down trailers that have been there forever, but at least here in Florida, we have a lot of parks with nice RVs and trailers where people stay for months. Taking a drive through these parks during the holiday season can be as enjoyable as driving through well-decorated neighborhoods. It has the additional advantage though, of getting you out there in that camping atmosphere. For me, it always makes me wish I were out there with our own rig.

Living in Orlando, we have the unique opportunity of visiting Disneyworld during the holidays. Just driving through the parks and visiting the resorts offers us a great experience without even having to pay any admission fees. For anyone lucky enough to be actually camping at Fort Wilderness (Disney's own campground), you will find the holiday decorations amazing! Some of the decorations are obviously provided by Disney, but you will be amazed at those provided by guests that make it an annual event for them and their families.

Christmas decorations at Fort Wilderness

Christmas decorations at Fort Wilderness

Keeping it simple

For us, we do like visiting campgrounds, but for ourselves, we tend to keep it pretty simple. A few little things in our home just to add the camping touch works for us. In doing some browsing today, I found this little "Christmas Village" display that I like and decided to order.

Christmas Village Small Travel Trailer display

Christmas Village Small Travel Trailer display

And for those of you with a somewhat warped sense of humor...

I did come across this display of Cousin Eddie's RV from National Lampoon (Vacation movies). It's decorated about as you'd expect from Cousin Eddie!

Cousin Eddie's RV decorated for Chrismas

Cousin Eddie's RV decorated for Chrismas

Gifts for my camping friends

While I was in this Christmas browsing mode this morning, I decided to look for a few little holiday gifts for some of our camping friends. I discovered a bunch of pretty cool Christmas Tree ornaments that I decided was perfect. The first one really looks a lot like our Casita, so obviously I'll need one of those for ourselves!

Small Travel Trailer Christmas Ornaments

Small Travel Trailer Christmas Ornaments

A lot more ideas on Facebook

I created a group on Facebook just for sharing photos that include camping in holiday decorations. It's got a ton of photos from our members. If you're a Facebook user, I encourage you to join the Christmas Decorations - Trailers and RVs group and maybe post some photos of your own!

So I hope I got you thinking a bit!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Be sure you don't lose sight of what's really important, and put some focus on the relationships you value the most. I hope you also find a way to include your love for RVs, travel trailers, campers, and the joy of camping life in just a little bit.

Dev Zebra and Denny Johnson

Be sure to spend time with your closest friends...whether they like it or not!!!

Click the images below to find more ideas and to check out the things I found on Amazon

Search for Christmas Tree Ornaments

"Christmas Village" RV displays

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  1. first year with a small TT and have been looking at Thrift Stores for decorations have actually got things taken them apart and redesigned them in a small scale even have décor for outside

  2. I gave my son-in-law’s friend your blog address. He is new and had NO knowledge. He reported that your blog is fabulous. Learned much in two days. I don’t even know his name but thank you. Merry Christmas

  3. Denny! What a cool site! I am brand new to the world of small campers and tried to buy everything through your links. I appreciate you making this blog and helping me out. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my “used, new to me” camper out of the elements as I can also keep mine in my driveway at home. Would like to get it under something to protect the roof.

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