Making it Your Own

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Once you have found the "perfect" small travel trailer for you, you're likely to start thinking of changes you'd like to make. The photos above show that anything is possible, although for me they are a little "over the top"! We have found a lot of simpler modifications and enhancements that are less about appearance and more about making things a little easier when we travel and making us more comfortable. Here's a sample of changes we've made to get you started thinking:


Our Casita has a lot of cabinets for storage, but Fay wanted more shelving. The first photo show shelving I added to our hanging closet. We use it for folded clothing. The bungees keep everything in place while we are driving. The second photo shows under the sink, which was originally just a large open area.

Additional shelving in our small travel trailer

Sink Cover

I made this simple cover to give us some more countertop space when we aren't using the sink. The block on the bottom allows the cover to wedge between the faucets and the sink inside. It always stays in place while we are driving.

Sink cover for small travel trailer

Trash Bag Holder

Fay wanted a good place to keep plastic bags for our trash basket. I used hot glue to mount an empty container from anti-bacterial wipes. We stuff it full of plastic grocery bags and can pull one out the end when needed, the same way you pull wipes out of a new one.

Trash Bag Holder

Bathroom Ventilation

We like to keep the bathroom door cracked a bit for ventilation. The problem is that our bathroom door normally tries to stay closed. First I mounted two small pieces of velcro to about a four-inch section of foam pipe insulation. Then I mounted a long strip of velcro across the top of the bathroom doorway. We can now stick the foam piece at various places along the door frame to control how wide the door stays open. I also stuck two small pieces of velcro to the inside of the door where we keep the foam when we want the door completely closed.

Bathroom Ventilation

Sewer Parts Storage

I hated putting the sewer fittings in the truck bed with other things. I got a marine battery box from Walmart and mounted it to the trailer tongue behind the hitch. I painted the words "Sewer Parts" on it to discourage anyone from thinking it contains a battery and being tempted to make it their own.

Sewer Parts Storage

Here's a great page on Casita modifications that another owner has made. He has posted photos and the steps he went through for a ton of projects he's undertaken. (Many of his mods are not just applicable to Casitas.)

Another great source of ideas and photos are the various Facebook Groups on RVs and Travel Trailers. They are also great places to post an idea you have and get suggestions from others who have made similar enhancements.