Denny's Packing and Traveling Checklists

FREE Checklists
My collection of checklists used as we get ready for a trip, and also as we both arrive and leave campground.

Denny's Checklist for Buying a Used Trailers

FREE Checklist
My starting list of things to consider when shopping for a used travel trailer.
Educational Articles

Proper Weight Distribution

How Tongue Weight Works
How to properly load and distribute the weight of your trailer .


When should you replace tires?
A pretty good article about replacing trailer tires.
How-to Videos

Backing Up a Trailer

The "Scoop"
Sean Michael shows you a way to make backing up your trailer much easier, with a bit of humor thrown in.
NOTE: Be sure to checkout other great videos by Sean here


Hitch Ball Coupler Adjustment

How to properly adjust the coupler on your trailer to make sure you don't lose your trailer while driving down the road!

Sewer - How NOT to drain your tanks!

A bit of comedy from Robin Williams
Setup / Packup
Robin demonstrates how not to drain your black water tank in the movie RV.

Sewer - Drain your tanks

At the dump station
Setup / Packup
Basic tips and walkthrough on how to use the dump station to drain your grey and black water tanks.

Sewer-Clean out your Black Water Tank

Setup / Packup
How to get your tank cleaned out after you've dumped the contents.

Toilet Paper Test

Not what you're led to believe!
Shows you how to compare various toilet papers to see which ones disintegrate the best.

Trailer Weight Distribution-Not a Happy Camper

IMPORTANT - Can be very dangerous - Watch this!
An actual video showing how dangerous it can be if the weight is not distributed properly in your trailer .

Trailer Weight Distribution - Avoiding Sway

How improper loading causes sway
Shows the affect of having your trailer weight moved from front to rear

Water Heater Anode Rods

How to check and change
How to check and change the anode rod in your water heater. This is very important to prevent damage to your water heater.
Trip Planning Tools

RV Park Reviews

Campground/RV Park Directory
Place to Stay
So far this is the best site I've found for reviews of Campgrounds and RV Parks by actual campers. I'm not sure all the reviews are legit, but overall I've had good success. (see my write-up on my Planning Trips page in the Beginner's Guide for more information.)

Boondockers Welcome

Membership directory of private places to stay
Place to Stay
THIS IS NOT FREE, BUT VERY AFFORDABLE AND CAN SAVE YOU MONEY We've not tried this yet, but it looks interesting. Boondockers Welcome is a directory of RVrs that allow other RVrs to stay overnight on their property.

Google Maps

Mapping tool
Planning Your Route
The standard for quick and easy maps. Simple to check out the time (based upon speed limits and no stops) and distance for various routes.

My Scenic Drives

Mapping tool
Planning Your Route
Great for saving your entire trip route and adding notes for things along the way (such as campgrounds, etc.) It also has the ability to calculate drive times at slower speeds and maintain a budget.

America's Byways

Directory of interesting roads
Planning Your Route
Collection of distinct and diverse roads designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.


Things to see
Planning Your Route
Guide to attractions, natural wonders, weird stuff and other locations throughout the U.S.

Google Calendar

Plan and share your itinerary
My favorite place to create and maintain our travel schedule. It's also easy to share with others.
Upgrades & Modifications

Trailer Upgrade & Modification Projects

By a Casita owner, but many can be applied to any trailer
Photos and steps covering a lot of modifications an owner made to their small travel trailer. Some of these mods will apply only to a Casita, but many of them can be used with other trailers. It's a good source for ideas!