Traveling with your Small Travel Trailer

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Things I've learned and discovered about traveling with a Small Travel Trailer

Can I really do this?

Picking out your small travel trailer is fun. Thinking about taking trips with it is exciting. But thinking about what may go wrong is a little scary in the beginning. You may get overwhelmed when you think about it if you've never owned a trailer or camper before. But relax! You will quickly find that it's all really quite easy.

If you are like most people, pulling a trailer will be uncomfortable at first. Every little bump and jerk gets your attention. You just need to take time to get ready and make sure you are properly prepared. Before you know it, you will settle in and be focused on where you are headed.

Traveling with a small travel trailer
Of course you can!

Before traveling, two of your top goals should be:

  • Have confidence that you have everything set up correctly
  • Know that you haven't overlooked something important

This section will help you with that. It starts with choosing a tow vehicle and getting it set up, then covers everything about planning and making your trip. It ends up with a list of things you should do when you get back home. You want to make sure everything will be ready for your next journey. There are many ways to go about most of the things covered. What I've included is based upon our own actual experience and what works well for us. (Rest assured that in the beginning, we tried a lot of things that didn't work so well.) My hope is that I save you a few mistakes of your own.

There's a lot to learn and think about. As you do, be sure to use my information only as suggestions and make adjustments for what will work best for you. As you get closer to taking an actual trip, don't forget to download my checklists from this page, and use them as a starting point to create your own. Having good checklists is the best thing you can do to assure that you don't forget things.