After You Get Back Home

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It's over and you're back home again...already!

We spend a lot of time looking forward to and getting ready for each trip. Unfortunately, it always seems like it's over too soon. While it usually feels good to be back home, we want to make sure everything will be ready for our next trip. You don't have to do everything right away, but here are the basic items that should be addressed:

  • Put trailer on jackstands
    If it is going to be a while before we take another trip, we put the trailer on jack stands to get the weight off the tires. Allowing it to sit on the tires for too long can develop flat spots. We've never had any problems storing it for a few months.
  • Empty and Cleanup Inside
    We empty out of the trailer, then vacuum and clean it inside.
  • Clean items used outside
    This includes a good cleaning of our gas grill and portable stove, as well as chairs, tables, etc.
  • Wash/Wax Outside
    Our small travel trailer is fiberglass, and it's stored outside, in the shade, in the Florida heat. We try to wax it twice a year. It's 10 years old and still looks great!
  • Work on our "To Do" list*
    See below

The "To Do" list

We always come up with little things to fix or improve while we are traveling and add them to a "to do" list. Actually, we keep a copy of our setup checklist on a clipboard in the trailer during our trip and add these items to the bottom. We also use this copy to mark up any tweaks we come up with for the checklist. Once we're back home, we look it over and make a shopping list if there are things we need to acquire. We then pick up the needed items and work on the "to do" list as we have time. Our master checklist also gets updated with the tweaks and reprinted before our next trip.

Back Home after a trip with our small travel trailer

Back Home after a trip with our small travel trailer