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Denny Johnson
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Fay Johnson

We love traveling with Small Travel Trailers!

Fay and I really enjoy road trips and staying in campgrounds, but also love keeping it simple! Today we have a 17' Casita Freedom Deluxe, but we started years ago with a Colemen Pop-up. In addition to being economical, we love meeting new people along the way and always enjoy sharing our experiences with others.  Mostly, we just like having our own place when we travel and sleeping in our own bed at night. It's kind of like having a tiny cabin in all the best places!

Easing into retirement

I have owned SOFTRITE Technology, a small software and computer services company for over 30 years. Since my clients depended upon me to always be available when they ran into problems, I knew that retiring wouldn't happen over night. In 2014 I decided to start winding things down and begin moving away from work that required providing technical support. Having spent my life with software and computers, I decided that building some websites of my own and learning how to market them would be a great new direction for my company during retirement.

Why I decided to build this website

The first step was to learn how to build and promote a website that gets traffic. When we started off with our Casita, it was extremely time consuming finding and sorting out all the things we needed to learn to be able to make good decisions. I decided that this was probably a problem that others face when wanting to get started with a travel trailer or RV. The result is tinyTowable.com... a single website that brings together in one place, everything we've learned about buying, owning and traveling with a small travel trailer.

My Goal: To save you time and help you avoid mistakes

I hope it will make it easier and faster to learn about RVs and travel trailers, and to do your research when planning a trip. Most importantly, you can trust that the information provided is based upon our own personal experience.

Here are a few things that are key to us

...that likely affect some of the information on this site.
  • The Top 5 Reasons we like to travel with a small travel trailer are that we
    ... enjoy camping and great campgrounds
    ... really don't like staying in hotels (we like sleeping in our own bed)
    ... enjoy seeing things along the way
    ... like to travel frequently without it costing too much
    ... especially like meeting new people in our travels
  • Roughing it is not for us!
    10 ... Places we stay almost always have at least water and electric hookups.
    ... Our trailer has a TV, a toaster oven, a microwave and A/C.
    ... Frequently we eat out, especially on longer driving days.
  • We really prefer simplicity over fancy...a campground over an RV park whenever possible.
  • Recreational amenities at the places we stay rarely interest us.
  • We don't travel with children or animals.
  • While we enjoy seeing nature, we are not hikers, explorers or swimmers.

More about me

Thank you for visiting my site. If you find it useful, please help me by telling other people and sharing it online. You will be helping others who are interested in small travel trailers find us. To learn more about me and my background, please checkout my personal website: https://www.softrite.com.