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Denny Johnson while on a trip with his small travel trailer

Denny Johnson
In traveling mode!

Hi! My name is Denny and I love to go camping with our small travel trailer!

Thanks for visiting my site all about campgrounds, trailers and RVs.
Who I am?
My name is Denny Johnson. I am a semi-retired technology and small business consultant who loves camping. My wife and I live in the Orlando area and have been traveling and camping in the U.S. with a 17' Casita for the last few years.
Why did I create this site?
Most of the answers to all our questions about traveling and camping with a small travel trailer are spread all over the Internet. Unfortunately, it normally takes hours of digging to find reliable information. Quite often we've had to weed through conflicting opinions and suggestions before reaching a final conclusion. I wanted to put everything we've learned in one spot.
So what's different about this site?
It has tons of information, all based upon our own first-hand experience. It provides you with a quick and easy place to find accurate answers to your questions. I want you to learn from our own successes and mistakes, traveling and going camping with our small travel trailer.
Learn More
  • To learn more about me and this site, please visit the About Us page.
  • Be sure to send me a note if you have questions, comments or suggestions!

Here are a few things that are key to us

...that likely affect some of the information on this site.

  • The Top 5 Reasons we like to travel with a small travel trailer are that we
    ... enjoy camping and great campgrounds
    ... really don't like staying in hotels (we like sleeping in our own bed)
    ... enjoy seeing things along the way
    ... like to travel frequently without it costing too much
    ... especially like meeting new people in our travels
  • Roughing it is not for us!
    ... Places we stay almost always have at least water and electric hookups.
    ... Our trailer has a TV, a toaster oven, a microwave and A/C.
    ... Frequently we eat out, especially on longer driving days.
  • We really prefer simplicity over fancy...a campground over an RV park whenever possible.
  • Recreational amenities at the places we stay rarely interest us.
  • We don't travel with children or animals.
  • While we enjoy seeing nature, we are not hikers, explorers or swimmers.