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2019 Summer Journey
Florida to Michigan-Our Backroads Route & Campgrounds
2019 Summer Journey – Florida, Louisiana & Mississippi
2019 Summer Journey – Alabama, Kentucky & Michigan
Florida Egg Rally and S’More – Our first camping rally!
Get away from Florida…it’s time to cool off a bit!
Cross Country
Overview of Trip
Day 1 – Goodbye Florida!
Day 2 – Pensacola, FL
Day 4 – Louisiana
Day 7 – Texas
Day 8 – Santa Fe, NM
Day 9 – Pagosa Springs, CO
Day 10 – Helper, Utah
Day 12 – Cle Elum, WA
Day 13 – Deception Pass, WA
Day 15 – Point Roberts, WA
Day 19 – Winthrop, WA
Day 20 – Revelstoke, BC
Day 22 – Banff, AB
Day 26 – Cody, WY
Day 29 – Summit, SD
Day 33 – Mesick, MI
Day 41 – Grand Haven, MI
Day 47 – Grand Haven, MI
Day 51 – Lake Guntersville, AL
Day 56 – Back Home in Orlando
Our Favorite 5-Star Rated Campgrounds
Fourteen Campgrounds We Visited on our 2019 Summer Trip
Our Favorite Campground in Orlando…and it’s not at Disneyworld!
Our Top 3 Favorite Campgrounds in the Southeast!!!
The Best 2 Campgrounds on our trip from Orlando to Boston!
Our #1 Destination in Florida!
Massachusetts - Top 4 stops in our short visit to Boston
New England- Our quick trip
Michigan-My 3 Favorite Things about Spring Lake
Traveling With A Small Travel Trailer - 7 part series
Planning Your Route – Part 1 of 7 in a series about Traveling With a Small Travel Trailer
Finding Places to Stay – Part 2 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
Getting Ready to Start a Trip – Part 3 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
On the Road – Part 4 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
At the Campground – Part 5 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
Leaving the Campground – Part 6 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
After You Get Back Home – Part 7 of 7 in a series about Traveling With an RV or Travel Trailer
Planning and Preparation
Enjoy Your Drive and Avoid the Highways
Tips to get started with a Travel Trailer or RV
Planning Trips – A few tips!
How We Minimize Travel Surprises with Good Checklists
Three important tasks – Get ready for camping season
At the Campground
Two Camping Related Holiday Gift Ideas We Love!
Test Results-Do You Really Need Special Toilet Paper in Your Small Travel Trailer or RV?
Avoiding Dangerous Campground Electrical Problems
Improving the TV Reception in Our Small Travel Trailer
4 Tips to Simplify Backing Up a Trailer
A Great Tip to Help With the Laundry While Traveling
Low-Cost Way to Test for Campground Wiring Problems
Need a Low Cost Solution for Some Shade when Camping?
My Favorite Inexpensive, Versatile Camping Accessory
How We Save Money When Traveling With Our Small Travel Trailer
How Campers Decorate for Christmas
Heading for Hurricane Dorian, or This is Not the Time to Head to Florida!

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My wife and I have been traveling across the U.S. and Canada for the last few years in our small travel trailer...a Casita. From the beginning there was a lot to learn, and a lot of places to discover. As we traveled, I started making notes and decided to try and pass them along to fellow travelers. Unlike many other blogs and websites you find, everything here is written by me, based upon our own personal experience.

Look things over and I'm sure you'll find things of interest. In addition to the articles on campgrounds, trailers and RVs, be sure to checkout the rest of my website. It contains a ton of information including a Beginner's Guide for small travel trailers (most of it also applies to larger rigs), as well as my most popular section...our Campground Reviews. Here we've documented and rated the items that are the most important to us as we travel. Each review has a lot of photos, most of them including pictures of the bathhouse.

If you'd like to learn more about me, be sure to visit my About Us page.

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