Campfire Lodge and Resort - West Yellowstone, MT

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Review Updated: May 2016

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155 Campfire Lane+West Yellowstone+MT  MAP  DIRECTIONS
 General Comments
Rustic campground in a beautiful setting with a very nice & helpful owner. The place seemed to cater to fishermen. We couldn't explain why, but it felt kind of spooky. We were somewhat uncomfortable there and anxious to leave in the morning. Have the electric meter and power outlet mounted on a tree may have had something to do with it! (See the photo)
 Price $$$--  (Please contact campground or refer to their website for current pricing)
 Discount (none)
 Park Type Other Campground
 Water Hookup Yes Electric Hookup Yes Sewer Hookup Yes  
 Dump Station (No Info) Camp Fires Yes    
     Standard 120v outlet mounted on tree. Tester indicated reversed polarity
 Our Review
OVERALL ** Would prefer not to stay here again
Atmosphere **** Great
 Wooded, along the river
Secure ** Not so good
Bath *** Okay
 Private shower stalls with curtains
 No heat-room was cold
Laundry  (Not Rated)
Campsite PLEASE NOTE: While they indicate our experience, the following ratings often vary significantly from site to site.
Site Size *** Average
Site Level *** Not bad
Site Privacy *** Okay
Site Shade **** Heavy
 Difficult to navigate around trees when parking
TV  (Not Rated)
Cell-Verizon  (Not Rated)
Wifi Often varies tremendously from site to site and by time of day. We do not give it a specific rating, but only make notes about our experience.
Wifi  No
 Location & Contact Info
State MTRegion Yellowstone
Highway US-287Area Yellowstone
Phone (406) 646-7258Address 155 Campfire Lane, West Yellowstone, MT