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Denny Johnson

Denny Johnson

We personally use and like all these items

The things we don't like, don't get listed here!

Wherever possible, the product link is to I chose Amazon because they are great to do business with and most everyone is comfortable buying from them. Check the product links to see other user ratings and reviews on the Amazon product page. Thanks again for helping me out and purchasing through these links.
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Surge Suppressor/Circuit Analyzer

★★★★★ This is IMPORTANT!

Occasionally you will run into various problems with the electrical power at your campsite. Certain problems can actually destroy the electronics in your trailer. This device has indicator lights that tell you the power is okay and that it is wired up correctly. We've run into problems like this several times, and have always been able to get moved to a different site.

In addition to the diagnostics, this device also has a Surge Suppressor built in. It will protect you should there be any spikes in the power.

Be sure to read my article about Avoiding Dangerous Campground Electrical Problems for more insight into the need for a device like this.


Trailer Wheel Chocks

★★★★★ This is IMPORTANT!
You want your trailer to stay where you park it. Wheel chocks prevent it from rolling on a slope, or if you push it when hitching up. These are the basic ones and they do what they are supposed to.


Water Pressure Regulator

For water connection

★★★★★ This is IMPORTANT!

Occasionally you will find very high water pressure at some campgrounds. So high in fact, that it can cause leaks in your trailer's plumbing system. To be safe, always connect a pressure regulator between the spigot and your hose.


Water Filter

★★★★★ This is IMPORTANT!

At times you will also find crummy water at the campground. Even if you purchase drinking water to consume, you really don't want it getting into your trailer's plumbing system. We always attach a filter like this between the hose and the trailer.


Drinking Water Hose

★★★★★ This is IMPORTANT!

When connecting your trailer to a water source, be sure to use only a hose specifically made for drinking water. Using a standard garden hose will give you a bad taste that can possibly stay with your trailer's plumbing for a long time. With a small travel trailer, you can generally park pretty close to the water source on your site. We've found that 25' has been sufficient for everywhere we've stayed. If you know you'll need more length, or aren't sure, I'd consider getting two hoses instead of having to deal with a long one when not needed.


Hitch Lock

★★★★ You SHOULD HAVE this

You certainly want to protect your investment. When your trailer is not hitched up and is accessible, you always risk that it could be stolen. The small locks used to secure the hitch to your tow vehicle can easily be cut. A hitch lock like this provides an additional level of security. We use it at campgrounds when we are not hooked up, and also when our trailer is stored behind our locked fence at home...just in case!


Jack Stands

★★★★ You SHOULD HAVE this

I use jack stands for two purposes:

  • When we are going to be at a campsite for more than a couple of days, I put one under each corner of the frame added stability. It causes our trailer to feel rock solid as you walk around inside.
  • When storing our trailer for an extended time, I raise the trailer and put it on jack stands in order to take a lot of the weight off the tires. This prevents them from developing flat spots.


Sewer Hose Kit

★★★ You MIGHT NEED this

If you have a toilet, you'll need one of these. I always read about how well others liked this hose (at least as well as you can actually like a sewer hose). When it came time to replace ours I decided to give it a try. It is far superior to the one we got with the trailer. This is great quality, heavy duty, with swivel ends that make it easy to get connected. It also has caps for each end to seal it up when you are done using it. The drain adapter is removable which allows you to store the hose in standard 4" square bumpers.

NOTE: This hose kit is very high quality, and is definitely worth the additional cost over the cheap ones. In fact, it has over 15,000 ratings with an average of almost a full 5 stars on Amazon.


Water Heater Tank Rinser

★★★ You MIGHT NEED this

If you have a hot water heater, it will have an anode rod which deteriorates and needs to be changed over time. As it does, it leaves sediment in the bottom of the water heater tank. This rinser attaches to a garden hose and allows you to rinse out the inside of your water heater.


Leveling Blocks

★★★ You MIGHT NEED this

Most of the campsites we've stayed at are not level. Some may be close, but others are way off. You need a way to raise one side of your trailer. The solution is to put leveling blocks under the wheel(s) on one side.

If you have some scrap 2"x8" or 2"x10" wood, you can cut your own blocks to carry with you. However, if you need to purchase the wood, these specifically designed leveling blocks are a better solution, and problem no more expensive than the wood.


Single Burner Stove

★★ This really comes in HANDY

I've had one of these for 20 years and wouldn't camp without it. It puts out a lot of flame and gets very hot, much more than a traditional camp stove. When we are out with our trailer, I use it almost daily to percolate coffee each morning. It's also good for heating up a pot of water. Since ours is so old, this one is a newer version of what we have.


Bungee Cords

★★ This really comes in HANDY

When we first started camping many years ago, a good friend told me to get a bag of bungee cords. When I asked him why, he replied "You'll figure it out". He was right. We find so many uses for them that I can't imagine camping without them. There are many, many options, but the link here to Amazon is for a nice assortment that will help you with a lot of various needs that arise.


Hose "Y" Splitter

★★ This really comes in HANDY

Most campgrounds have only a single spigot for each campsite. You'll need one of these if you want to connect both your drinking water hose and an outside garden hose at the same time. Be sure to get one like this where you can turn the water off for each hose when not in use. Unfortunately, in my experience, most of these seem to break after a while so I now stay away from the cheapest ones. This is not the actual product we have, but one has the most good user ratings/reviews on Amazon.


Sewer Tank & Hose Rinser


I would never give this one up, although I don't think it's a great as they make it out to be. It connects between the sewer hose and your trailer when you are draining, and allows you to connect your outdoor garden hose to provide rinse water. There's three reasons I really like it:

  • You can see when your drainage is getting clear. (I know, not everybody likes this particular feature, but it is very helpful.)
  • You can add more rinse water back into your storage tanks to further rinse and drain, instead of having to use a hose through the window to your toilet.
  • You can aim the rinse water the other direction to rinse out your hose when you are finished.

For me, it makes the worst job not quite as bad. Of course, it's still the worst job!


Stove Top Coffee Percolator

A Wonderful Aroma to Start Your Day


This is an old-fashioned stove-top percolator, much like what my mom had when I was a kid. It certainly takes me back to simpler times...and it makes great tasting coffee!

It works great with the one-burner stove above, sitting on the picnic, while I sit outside enjoying the start of a new day.


JoeShade Sun Shade Umbrella

Our "poor man's" awning


I wish our trailer had an awning, but we bought it used and it didn't have one. I just can't part with the money to buy a good quality one and have it installed. This is our solution. It's portable, doesn't take up a lot of storage space in our truck, goes up quickly, and comes down quickly. Most importantly, it allows two of us to sit in the shade outside our trailer. We really do love Joe Shade!

Be sure to check out the full article (with photos) I wrote about Joe Shade here!


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