Need a Low Cost Solution for Some Shade when Camping?

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We do not have an awning, but have found a good solution to getting some shade when camping.

We purchased our travel trailer used and it did not have an awning. As I shopped for one, they were all too expensive for our budget. I looked into the light weight shade tarps, but they looked like too much hassle to setup and take down. I was particularly concerned about leaving one setup when it gets windy, so would prefer to have it down when we're not using it, especially if we leave our campsite for the day.

After a lot of looking and thinking, I found something that has been a great solution for us. It's called Joe umbrella for shade that's just plain easy and inexpensive. It has been a great low-cost alternative to getting an awning.

JoeShade closed up until we sit out again

JoeShade closed up until we sit out again

It comes ready for quick and easy setup

It comes ready for quick and easy setup

Here are the key features we like

This is one of my favorite products we take camping. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Provides enough shade to cover the two of us sitting in our chairs beside the trailer
  • Allows us to easily adjust the height and tilt so that it can be aimed whereever we need it
  • Has a stand that is quite stable. It also includes metal stakes to be used if needed when placed on dirt or grass
  • Takes only about 30 seconds to set it up or take in down
  • Is light weight and doesn't take up much room in our tow vehicle
  • Easily fit into our budget

JoeShade is very light weight and includes a convenient storage bag with shoulder strap

JoeShade is very light weight and includes a convenient storage bag with shoulder strap

And it's not just great for camping

JoeShade includes a carrying case with an over the shoulder strap. This makes it very portable for taking with us to the beach or to our grandkids' sporting events.

If you're wishing you had an awning, or just wanting some shade when camping (or any other time), you should take a look at Joe Shade.

As always, drop me a note on my contact page if you have any questions.

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Denny Johnson

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