Holiday Decorations and Camping

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It's Quickly Becoming That Time of Year!

I first noticed it in Costco, then at Walmart, and this weekend something even popped up on Amazon. The holidays are coming. The stores have skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and gone straight to Christmas. So unfortunately, with still a bit of time to go, they've got me thinking that it's time to start counting down the days!

We'll be Celebrating at Home
Unlike Cousin Eddie below, we'll be at home with our small travel trailer tucked away neatly beside the garage. For us, our camping focus will be on adding one or two new camping ornaments on our tree or elsewhere in the house. Once you start looking, you'll find an enormous variety of Christmas ornaments and displays that feature small travel trailers and RVs. You can always find something that fits your style, even something like Eddie here if you have a bit of a warped sense of humor!
Cousin Eddie combing his Holiday Decorations and Camping

Cousin Eddie combing his Holiday Decorations and Camping

Decorations For Your Trailer or RV

Now that we live in Tennessee and it's getting cold outside, we aren't likely to spend holiday time in our trailer. When we lived in Florida it was different. Partularly being in Orlando, the campgrounds and RV parks were packed for the holidays. Families just love going there whenever they can get away.

By the way, we usually buy extra strings of white twinkle lights when they go on sale after Christmas. We string them up all year long in our campsites to give us low-level light at night throughout our space. Without spending another penny, these lights can be redeployed during the holidays to decorate your RV and things around it. I've even been thinking of putting them up around our trailer here at home for some decorations outside.

Christmas Decorations and Camping with a Small Travel Trailer

Christmas Decorations and Camping with a Small Travel Trailer

Getting Out to See Everyone Else's Holiday Decorations

If you're like us, you make it an annual event to drive around one evening to see how everyone else has decorated for Christmas. I decided a few years ago to check out a local campground. There were even more decorations there then in our neighborhood. If you're home for the holidays and there are campgrounds nearby, try visiting them to get you into that camping mindset.

The photo below is from Fort Wilderness at Disneyworld. Not only did we see holiday decorations, but many people worked the Disney theme into their displays.

Holiday Decorations and Camping at Disneyworld's Fort Wilderness

Holiday Decorations and Camping at Disneyworld's Fort Wilderness

  Facebook - Christmas Decorations and Camping Group

In 2018, I got the idea to start a small group on Facebook for people who love camping with RVs to share Christmas decorating ideas. It's now full of great posts with photos showing of camping related Christmas decorations both at campgrounds and back at home.

If you celebrate Christmas, please check out the group. As you start getting ready this year, it would be great if you would share some photos of how you combine Christmas decorations and camping.

- Denny
Me and my friend Dev thinking he should be Santa for Christmas

Me and my friend Dev thinking he should be Santa for Christmas!

Here's some holiday decorations to check out. Click the images below to access the related product page on Amazon. Thank you for supporting our sponsors and advertisers.
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