Fourteen Campgrounds We Visited on our 2019 Summer Trip

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What a Great Summer Trip We Had!

The highlight was being able to spend a month in Michigan enjoying some cooler weather and visiting with old friends and cousins. You seldom realize how fast life is passing you by until you get with friends and talk about old times that seem like yesterday. If you are not focused on making time to stay in touch with people, I encourage you to do so. It has certainly become one of my top priorities as I've gotten older. It really hits you when you lose someone you wanted to see, but kept putting off.

Enjoying pizza with old friends in Michigan

Enjoying pizza with old friends in Michigan

New Campground Reviews

Other than our time in Michigan, we also got to visit 14 campgrounds on this trip. Ten of them were new for us, including one that's now in our all-time top 3! I've updated our campground reviews to include our thoughts on each one, along with about 80 photos overall. Here's a list of the new ones:

Kendall Campground (COE park) - Now one of our Top 3 favorite places

Kendall Campground (COE park) - Now one of our Top 3 favorite places

★★★★★ Alabama - North Honeycomb Campground - * ALL-TIME TOP 5 *
★★★ Florida - Panhandle Hitchin Post Corral and Campground
★★★ Georgia - Southeast Jenny Ridge Venue & RV Park
★★★★ Georgia - Northeast Mountain View Campground
★★★★★ Georgia - East Central Winfield Campground (COE)
★★★★ Indiana - Northeast Johnny Appleseed Campground
★★★ Indiana - East Central New Lisbon Family Campground
★★★★ Kentucky - North Central Fort Boonesborough State Park
★★★★★ Kentucky - South Central Kendall Campground (COE) - * ALL-TIME TOP 5 *
★★★★ Louisiana - East Fairview Riverside State Park
★★★★ Michigan - Lower Peninsula-Western Eastpointe RV Resort
★★★★★ Michigan - Lower Peninsula-Western Grand Haven State Park
★★★★ Mississippi - Northeast DeWayne Hayes Campground (COE)
★★★★ Mississippi - East Central Twitley Branch Campground (COE)
Check Out Our Entire List of Reviews

We now have 80 campground reviews in total with a ton of photos. They are sorted by State/Province so you can easily find ones you are interested in when planning trips. You can access them all from the index page by pressing the button below.

I'm always glad to hear from everyone. You can send me a private note from my contact page with any questions or comments you have.
- Denny

Denny Johnson

Denny Johnson

After having spent most of our adult life in Orlando, my wife Fay and I moved to Knoxville, TN in 2020. We are loving the change of seasons and being near the mountains. Plus, this part of the country is loaded with great places to camp. 
We camped years ago with a pop-up camper, but got serious about it when we purchased our Casita in 2014. There was a lot to learn as we started traveling with it, and a lot of conflicting opinions on line. That's when I decided that creating a website would be a good retirement project. I started to share things we've learned along the way that have worked well for us in hopes that the information would be of help to others.
However, since moving to Tennessee, I've gotten involved with new hobbies (you can check some out on my personal website at and we haven't camped very much. So, at the end of 2023, I made the tough decision to stop updating this website.
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4 thoughts on “Fourteen Campgrounds We Visited on our 2019 Summer Trip

    1. Thanks for your kind words Carol! Please be sure to drop me a note if I can ever be of help.
      – Denny

  1. I live within camping distance of 2 of them. I’m 35 miles from Hiawassee. I love the COEs near Augusta. Petersburg landing is my favorite.
    I’m enjoying your travels and watching your campgrounds. Next summer i hope to go to SD to visit my son. I need ideas fot camping between my home and there.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Rose. If you use Facebook, be sure to check out my Campgrounds group. It has about 3500 members and is a great place to search for more campgrounds and to post questions when looking for places in a particular area. -Denny

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