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Test Results-Do You Really Need Special Toilet Paper in Your Small Travel Trailer or RV?

Small Travel Trailer Toilet Paper
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Let's Talk About Toilet Paper!

When we first started out with our small travel trailer, we were always concerned that we would do something wrong or not have something we need. I did all kinds of research, reading other people's opinions about everything from how to load our trailer to whether or not to save money by refilling the little propane containers. The more I researched, the more conflicting opinions I found on just about everything. In fact, that's really what got me started on this website and blog. I wanted to tell people what worked for us, without debating what was best. The result, was that we spent money on things we didn't really need. One of the questionable items was toilet paper. So many people said we had to use special paper made for RVs and boats. You know, the kind that's thin and stiff...certainly not like "squeezing the Charmin". Do we really need this stuff? Well, I found an actual test where James over at the, actually put several brands of TP through a test. He created the video below where you can actually see how well each one performed.
So What Do You Think?

For me, it was nice to see some actual testing instead of just all the opinions. The result was actually quite surprising. Take a few minutes and check it out. It may change your opinion, simplify your shopping, and maybe even save you a few bucks!

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- Denny

Denny Johnson

Denny Johnson

Denny loves traveling with his wife Fay in their Small Travel Trailer. In addition to all his blog articles, he's developed an entire website about Small Travel Trailers, including a free Beginner's Guide to help those just getting started. Please Subscribe to my Emails so you don't miss any future articles.
Denny's Product Review
What it is
While on the topic of the toilet, here's an inexpensive tool that has worked out really well for us. It's called the Master Blaster Tank Wand. It allows you to thoroughly rinse out the black storage tank from inside the bathroom. You simply...
  • Drain the black water tank
  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet
  • Attach the wand to a hose (which we pass through the bathroom windows from the outside)
  • Step on the toilet flusher to open the flap at the bottom of the toilet
  • Insert the wand through the toilet and down into the tank, turn on the water, and rinse away!
Why I like it
  • Fay uses it! It's clean and easy to use without getting too close to the storage tank.
  • It has a simple water on/off lever at the top of the wand.
  • The high pressure spray is easy to control within the tank, and does a good job.
  • It's inexpensive!
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