How We Minimize Travel Surprises with Good Checklists

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Minimizing Surprises

You spend months or years dreaming of a trip, then months planning out the details. Now it's finally time and you are on your way. But wait...what did you forget? It could be something important that you left behind or something dangerous you forgot to do. Either way, you want to avoid the anxiety of worrying about it while you travel. The solution for us is to use good checklists.

Our Packing Checklist

Most of our trips with our Casita are reasonably long, anywhere from two weeks to two months. We usually start getting ready a few weeks in advance. About a week before we head out, I print out our packing checklist and set it on the kitchen counter. It is divided into sections that I'm responsible for, and others that are up to Fay. It includes almost 100 items. Not all of them are needed for each trip, but it always gives us the peace of mind that we're not forgetting something we'll need. Fay and I check items off as we get them ready and loaded into the trailer or truck. Things that we decided against for the specific trip get an X instead of a checkmark. When we are ready to leave, a quick scan assures us that we haven't missed anything.

Our Travel Checklist

When it's time to hit the road, we use our Before and After Travel Checklist. It includes the steps we take to make sure everything is ready to go before we drive off. It also contains the steps to get the trailer set up when we arrive at our destination. We have different sections for when it's just an overnight stop along the way, versus arriving at a main destination. It also has sections on things to take care of at home before we leave, as well as a few things to do when we return.

Download Our Lists - They're Free!

We have tweaked our lists over the years to where our current ones really simplify things for us. They eliminate surprises and concern over what we may have forgotten. You should create your own lists that fit your needs and your trailer or RV, but you can download ours to use as a starting point. If you already have lists, you might still take a look at ours for any new ideas. I've put them into a single pdf document for downloading. It also includes a layout and some photos of how we load things into the bed of our truck. Just click the button below.

Be sure to also check out my Tips/How-To page for other ideas that may help you with your travels.
- Denny

4 thoughts on “How We Minimize Travel Surprises with Good Checklists

  1. Because we have a 13′ boler that we have added storage areas to, I also have a list of everything that ‘lives’ in the boler and exactly where it is. That way hubby has to stop asking me where stuff is, use the list and go find it! We also have packing lists and to do lists. Yours are comprehensive and great. I never thought of posting ours. Thank you.

    1. What a great idea about documenting where things are in the trailer Vivian! I’ve had a lot of people ask about a list of things to get started. This combined with the checklists would make a nice “getting started” package.

  2. What a great list! Wishing I had created a master list for our camper, but we’ve been in the process of trying to find out what works for us. Our first big trip is upcoming and I feel I’ll have a good handle on what is needed versus what is not needed by the end of this trip.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. “I feel I’ll have a good handle on what is needed versus what is not needed by the end of this trip” Rest assured, you will be discovering things you don’t need and things you wished you had with you for a long time Paula!

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